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Flower Care & More

Caring for your flowers helps them look fresher and last longer. Here are some simple and easy tips to follow:

  1. Make sure your flower stems are always immersed in water

  2. If you have transported the flowers without water, or notice that the container is dry, cut an inch off the bottom of each stem, and immediately immerse the cut stem in fresh water. Cutting the stems at an angle helps to increase the area for water absorption.

  3. Flower food solution is useful to hyrdrate and revive flowers that have not been in water for some time. Flower food sachets* are supplied with Tilia flowers. Dissolve the contents of the sachet in half a litre or 1 litre of water (Please see the back of the flower food sachet for instructions); cut off 1 to 2 inches from the bottom of the stem at an angle and immerse the stem immediately (within 10 seconds) in the solution. Delay in immersing the stem in the solution can result in air blocks causing early wilting of the flower.                                                                                              

  4. Typically 10 roses / gerbera / carnations require about 250 ml of solution at a time. Make sure the solution is changed after 2 or 3 days, especially if you see deposits. If the flowers have drunk up most of the solution, then top up the solution with about 250 ml of plain water.

  5. For flowers with multiple layers of petals such as roses and carnations, check if the outer layer of petals shows any signs of dryness, and if so, gently remove the dry petals, leaving the flower looking fresh. 

  6. Bird of paradise has multiple florets below the open one that is visible at the top. Gently tease these florets out to enjoy the flowers longer, and with a wider span of florets.

*Please note that flower food is not supplied with bouquets and arrangements containing only lilies / orchids.